This page is dedicated to our brothers and sisters who dedicated their lives to serving others. 
May their memories live on in us all...
Line of Duty
Robert H. Smith - June 11, 1919
Robert H. Dekorte - September 23, 1921
Weldon O. Bass - September 25, 1933
Claude T. Parks - September 10, 1943
Charles N. Doughtry - August 11, 1946
Courtney W. Cook - June 24, 1961
Clarence E. Small -  June 24, 1961
Wallace E, Nesbitt - January 8, 1970
Dennis J. Roberts - March 20, 1981
Steven R. Rutherford - January 12, 1994
Larry D. Bland - May 13, 1994
Katherine M. Thyne- January 23, 2020
F.O.P. A.
William Atkins
George Austin
Rufus Belle
Charles T. Camden
Larry Campanella
Morris Carden
Nicholas Concinlus
Fred D. Cook
Walter D. Cooper
Sara E. Disharoon
Thomas L. Duggan
Dave Edwards
Robert D. Edwards Sr.
Willis E. Flippen
Junior C. Floyd
Emmit E. Godsey
Mal Hallett
Leonard "Doc" Hudson
Ramond Jones
Fred Kunclrs
Ralph Luterloh
Alfred Louis "Danny" Machesney
Robert E. Mayes
George Motley
Wallace E. Nesbitt
Robert Payne
Verna M. Ramey
Gary L. Reece
J. B. Rollins
Arthur H. Sorrell
Jimmy Sutton
Harry West
Daniel W. Wickline
Preston Williams
Jimmy Brown
Harold Braswell
James E. Pearson Sr.
Brothers & Sisters,
Take time today to say a prayer for all the victims, family and friends who have been effected by this shooting. They need our support and our prayers!  Also, pray for our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and Fire & Rescue that bravely responded to the scene and helped save lives.  Also, please pray for our Commonwealth and Nation that we can heal from a tragic event like this and not politicize and pander to issues and personal opinions.  This is a time for remembrance and healing!  Please take time to pray for God's healing mercy and grace for all that have been touched by this senseless violence.
Scotty Williams
Fraternal Order of Police of Virginia

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